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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween to you!!
Yep, it's that time of year again! The time of year when most of you turn off your lights and hide inside your houses hoping the neighbourhood kids will think you are out LOL!! But if you are like me, you LOVE Halloween and all of the gory-looking costumes and decorations that are in the shops right now! The funniest are the lollies in the shapes of body parts and stuff - they look gross and taste even worse!!
We don't celebrate Halloween as such - the kids don't go trick or treating or anything, and although we have friends that host the occassional Halloween party, we haven't had one yet, although, it could be on the cards!! But I do love any excuse to craft little treat holders for the kids to take to school and share with their classmates! This is our first year at our current school, so the teachers haven't been exposed much to my crafting obsession, but that is about to change! The most exciting crafting time is almost upon us, and I …