Do you need an excuse to stamp? I offer monthly and 2 monthly stamp clubs!

Does this sound like something you would like to be involved in? It really couldn't be easier! You get your friends to be the club members,you provide the venue (or take it in turns - the hostess for the night provides the venue)  and I provide the rest!! I provide ALL of the materials for your projects (minus adhesive) as well as the ideas, techniques and anything new I have learned since we last got together. Everyone must supply their own basic kit - which includes adhesive, ruler, pencil, eraser, paper snips, and your paper trimmer- and be committed to the full amount of allotted months so that everyone has a chance to get the hostess benefits. If a member needs to leave for any reason, they would need to be able to arrange a replacement to continue in their place. A member doesn't have to attend every stamp club meeting, but they must place their order for every meeting whether they are attending or not. PLUS, if a new catalogue comes out while a stamp club is active, each member will receive a free copy of that catalogue! ( And I might just include a little 'survival kit' for you to enjoy whilst you browse )

Hostess benefits begin at $250 

Your stamp club can be completely tailored to your needs. If there are 5 of you, the length of your commitment is 5 months, so that everyone takes a turn at hostess. That means your minimum spend each month is $50 before postage. If you have 10 members, then your time is 10 months and your minimum spend is $25 before postage.
Your club projects are also able to be tailored - easy or more involved, your choice! But easy won't mean boring - it will just mean quick and simple to put together, able to be reproduced without too much drama, and still have a wow to them!

Stamp clubs are a great way to increase your stamping supplies, your knowledge of the latest tips and techniques, and to make new friends, or to spend quality time with old friends! Consider starting a stamp club with me today, you won't regret it!!

Here are the rules:

To be a part of the stamp club, you will need:

1. To place an order on or before our Stamp Club date
2. To keep an active credit card on file with Stampin' Up! It's safe and secure.
3. To have a generic order on file with me, which I will place, using your stored credit card details, in the event that you fail to place an order on time. I will not chase you up for your order, I will place the on file order which you agree to before you sign up
4. If your order fails because you fail to have an active method of payment, you will forfeit your place in the club. Dates for club will be posted at the start of club and will not change, so you can be prepared with your order and payment in advance.
5. Life happens to all of us, so if you are unable to continue your commitment, you must fill your spot so that all members have the opportunity to earn their hostess benefits. Ask a friend, or several friends to take over your required months of orders, whatever works to keep the group going.

This is what you will get:

Every stamp club you will receive:

1.  A cute little place setting goodie - usually a a sweet treat
2. Your kit(s) for your project - sometimes you will make 2 or 3 more simple (but still fabulous!) projects that might include a technique or brand new product, sometimes you will make a larger, more involved project. No project will be too difficult, it may just have more instructions and slightly more advanced technique than usual - I love to push your creative boundaries! - but will never make you do something you just aren't into! We will make simple projects until we are comfortable to move on. Projects will be a secret until you arrive at club - but you will love them!
3. Full colour instructions in our team facebook page so that you can continue to make the projects at home. If you aren't on facebook, I will supply the pdf handouts at club.
4. I will deliver your order to you when it arrives, unless you would like to pick it up from the hostess yourself.
5. If you choose to, I will offer a card sketch each month on the facebook page, and everyone will vote on the winner - the winner will get a small prize at our next club date. This will keep your creative juices running and keep you using your supplies :)

Here are a few samples of recent stamp club projects - my current club only wants to do simple projects, so we make 3 projects each time, usually with a theme, which might be Holiday catalogue product or Occasions catalogue product, or a particular stamp set, or showcasing our amazing designer series paper. You can get an idea of my style of crafting from the pictures of our projects, I love cards and 3D treat and gift packaging:

Gate Fold Hidden Easel Card

I love this fancy fold card - it's made from one sheet of A4 cardstock, instead of adding an easel fold base to a card base, and it can...