Thursday, 8 March 2012

Little Pink Purses!!

Yep, I'm baaaack!! Two posts in one day -  can you tell I have been missing blogging??

I just wanted to share something really quickly with you today. I had an order from one of my very good friends for little thank you gifts for her team. She is a team leader for a lovely group of ladies that sell Miche Bags. If you haven't yet seen a Miche Bag, then you HAVE to find a Rep near you! If you need one south of the river in Perth, let me know, I have a great one hehe!!
Anyway, back to the little thank you gifts. As it so often is, when I get a custom order, the person I am making for only knows they want something pretty. Sometimes they know the colour, but rarely do they know exactly what they want, which can be quite stressful, as what I think is great in my mind, might be completely different to what they were thinking! But as she is such a good friend, and also the one who introduced me to papercraft, I could come right out and say - you have to give me some idea what you want!!! So I showed her a few little things I had and a lightbulb went off! What about little purses made with the top note die??? Well, how perfect? Handbags filled with yummy chocolates for ladies who sell handbags! I had seen this idea on one of my favourite blogs Inking Idaho - click here to go to that post. So here they are:

And here is a closer look:

Aren't they cute??? And really easy to do. I would love to show you how! I made heaps of these for Christmas orders and they sold really well....I had lots of different types of chocolate in them and even put candy canes in some of them. I hope to show my daughters' class how to do them for Mother's Day gifts this year. You could fill them with all sorts of things, and the good news is, our cello bags fit them perfectly!
Well, that's it for today, look out for another post soon!

Have a great day!

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