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Hi again, stampers!

Yep, it's me again!
I have been busy lately with a special order that my hairdresser requested a couple of weeks ago. I have  a small basket of goodies for sale at the salon, and she saw a few of my things and wanted me to make up a selection for her to choose from to give to her elderly clients at Christmastime. Only problem is, she didn't know what she wanted, or how it was to be decorated, just a $amount she could spend and that was it lol! So I am wracking my brain trying to think of interesting items that don't have to contain chocolate or lollies (my obsession is pretty packaging for treats, I really need new designs lol!) as some of her clients can't have sweets, and the assorted bath salts that I make, some clients aren't agile enough for the bath, so.........and I so wanted to use the bath salts as I have just made some chocolate bath salts and peppermint bath salts - yummmm!
So here are just a few of my ideas so far. I want to fill a basket before I go down there again, so will be spending this weekend doing as much as I can - but my kids have a 4 day weekend from school this weekend for teacher development days, so I might not get as much done as I hope.Never mind, it's lovely to have them home :)
Here are a couple of pics of a few of what I have so far.......
I get these little tubes in from one of my favourite stores in the US, and they can be filled with lollies, or chocolates, or bath salts, or all sorts of things.

These little packages contain Dettol hand santizer, so cute!

This handmade folder contains handmade Christmas cards, envelopes, a decorated pen, and room for some stamps, a really cute stationery box of sorts.

And this last one for today holds some tall square tubes that are filled with assorted chocolate kisses in one tube, and hot chocolate powder and marshmallows in the other. Probably not the best for the hot weather of Christmastime, but the tubes could be filled with all sorts of things, tailored to the client if they like.
So what do you think? I have lots more to share, but will do that in a later post...stay tuned!
Kylie x