Wednesday, 11 April 2018

2018 Colour Revamp!!

One of the first things we heard about at our recent Onstage training day, was the Colour Revamp!
And boy oh boy, is it big! But so great!
I am going to miss a couple of the colours that are leaving us, but I do agree it was time for a new look colour lineup!

Check out which colours are saying goodbye, which colours are returning and which colours are new!

So, how does this affect you? It doesn't!
All of your current inkpads are still perfectly ok to use, even if you are a demonstrator! It's only a few of the colours that are changing, and the shape of the inkpad itself!
You don't need to go out and purchase all of the new style inkpads - continue to use the current style until you have to replace, and just purchase the new colours and new in colours in the new style as you need them.
The new inkpad reinkers will contain a defoaming agent to help with the bubbling you may have noticed on the surface of the firm foam inkpads. So don't throw away your older ink refills, they can still be used on either the new (if you purchase a replacement) and the current inkpads. And if you purchase a reinker from the new catalogue, you can use it on an older style inkpad (excluding Basic Grey) with no problems.
The current inkpad caddy, which is retiring, will eventually be replaced with a new design, to better fit your new style pads. But the new style does fit into the current caddy, just not as tight a fit.

So - you know that the Retirement List is out, and things are beginning to sell out already, so don't delay if you need to add to your craft stash, pop your order in as soon as possible :

Until next time,
Kylie x

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