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Washi Tape For Girls

Washi Tape - do you know what it is? Have you had a play with it yet?
I was hooked on Washi Tape when I saw all the samples and workshop wows at Convention recently - I am amazed at how talented some people are!! I probably wouln't have thought of that many things to do with it!!
The samples I made for my launch are all extremely simple - I wanted to showcase how easy it was to use and the gorgeous colours we currently have available. I found most of the sample ideas online - google 'stampin up washi tape' and let your creativity loose!!

This sample was inspired by Sandi McIver - check out her original!

This sample I cased from here - check it out!

Aren't they bright and cheery? Thanks to the lovely ladies for sharing their creativity, thanks to them, they have a new convert to Washi Tape - me!!

You can see this tape in action for yourself - just contact me to book a Stampin' Party for you and your friends!

If you would like to place an order for this tape online, click here, and you will go to my store,where you will find lots of other pretty cool things!

Until next time,
Kylie xxx